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Built on the ashes of a scaled, thin-paper model of the Facebook HQ front sign in Menlo Park, California, which burned down in a fire before the opening, the exhibition brings together in a cohesive installation a new set of printed, sculptural and video works. A recent study reported on the New York Times by writer and journalist Benedict Carey, found that phone users switched screen activities every 20 seconds on average, and rarely spent more than 20 minutes uninterrupted doing any one of them.

With the daily screen time of an adult being 8 to 10 hours today, scientists have started to look into our habits and screen-shifting patterns. A series of floating open hands, the images of which are photos from an online stock agency, gesture towards one another in a semi-open position, as a sign of collaboration and participation as well as leading back to the way we hold our smartphones. The withstanding frame of the burned-up work remains on its ashes at the center of the room, while a video of the fire — apolitical act of protest against what is today the largest sharing platform, is playing on a screen.

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A number of disused phones lies on the ground on a pile of fire-retardant debris, some of which have come to cover copies of a free local newspaper on a nearby table. The personal computer, the internet and, most recently, the smartphone represents a paradigm shift in the way we communicate today. The promise of openness and equality of the World Wide Web has now been superseded by gigantic sharing platforms such as Facebook which, together with our devices, collect and contain the most intimate track record of our emotional and personal history. Shading light on a society of which interactions are shaped and controlled by machines we cannot fully understand neither control, making us in fact controlled by them, Bartholl addresses electronic waste as a moment of emotional detachment from our past experiences though equally liberating from the slavery of control to which we are involuntarily subjected.

The Ural Industrial Biennial is the largest regional art project with international participation among those existing on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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  4. The Biennial takes place at former industrial and non-exhibition spaces in Ekaterinburg and other cities of the Ural region. In its 5th edition, the Ural Biennial explores concepts behind the Immortality, both secular and sacred; it is seen as a powerful utopist idea, as technocratic obscurity, as a symbolic tool and as a condition which might cause evident ethical schisms.

    The exhibition Playmode offers a reflection on these aspects and on the era of gamification that contemporary societies are now experiencing, bringing together pieces by several artists, such as Brad Downey, Gabriel Orozco and Ana Vieira, who incorporate the theme while exploring new ways of seeing, participating and transforming the world, using gaming in a critical light. Picture: House of Cards 3. Brad Downey, Photo: Brad Downey. Thx to Machine Project for hosting this event!!

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    Your phone is the window to your soul. Keeper of credit cards, holder of location data, archive of incriminating voice memos.

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    Kill Your Phone! In this open source workshop, Aram Bartholl and the LA Cryptoparty crew will teach you to make a special signal-blocking phone pouch, to keep your ever-vulnerable Glowing Brick of Light safe from the vast array of threats facing the modern citizen, including but not limited to: CIA operatives, Russian teenagers, NSA contractors, and Glop-dwelling cyber-urchins. Feel free to bring clothes of your own to modify for wearable wave-blocking. Blank credit cards with the swipe of a finger, conveniently hold metal objects, feel the magnetic waves, change your report cards!

    This event is open to all. Bring a sewing machine if you have one! Oktober — Januar Mit Arbeiten von:!

    Während des Workshops spricht der Künstler auch über seine Arbeit und die allgegenwärtige Überwachung. Nach dem Workshop findet um We ran out of material at pm. It shows most people really into it.

    The Dream Smartphone! (2019)

    Make your own mobile phone blocking pouch!! I had a lot of fun running this workshop at the congress last week.

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    Visitors were invited to make their own blocking pouch. We had tons of interesting discussions at the table and it showed a lot of people know much about radio waves and frequencies but often have a hard time working the sewing machine : Thx for joining! Make your own signal blocking Faraday pouch! How to wrap your phone to kill any wireless connection? Which materials work best? Nutzer von Apps in Android-Betriebssystemen haben es am schwersten: Hat ein Nutzer der Standortweitergabe für eine App im Android Betriebssystem initial zugestimmt, so kann er dieses "Go" nicht mehr nachträglich rückgängig machen.

    App Sicherheit - das sind die wichtigsten App Risiken. Schutzprogramme Handy verloren? Das können Sie schon im Vorfeld tun, um das Handy zu sichern. Smartphone gestohlen? Handy weg? Was tun? Erste Hilfe bei Handydiebstahl.

    Um auch im. Handy orten verhindern - das Smartphone kennt Ihren Standort und gibt ihn durch Zustimmung zu App Einstellungen weiter! Handy orten verhindern über die Provider?

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    Handy orten verhindern über Apps? Das können Sie schon im Vorfeld tun, um das Handy zu sichern Smartphone gestohlen? Diesen Beitrag teilen.